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As Biomedical Engineering is defined so broadly, specializing in a subfield of engineering can help to provide more in-depth expertise in a focus area. Through the judicious selection of upper division engineering and science electives, students can create this depth in one of our suggested areas of specialization or in an area of the student’s choosing. One of the strengths of the UC Davis program is the flexibility to design one’s own emphasis of study. These specializations are neither required nor degree-notated. 

Below you will find a description for each specialization as well as an accompanying curriculum link. 

Biomechanics Specialization 18-19

This is a broad subfield that includes orthopedic/rehabilitation engineering (including the design of wheelchairs and prosthetics) as well as the study of mechanical forces produced by biological systems. Biomechanics allows a better understanding of the fluid dynamics of blood flow and the forces acting on tissue in the artery to allow the design of better cardiovascular interventions. This field involves more intensive study of mechanics, dynamics and thermodynamics.

Cellular & Tissue Specialization 18-19

This focus area applies biomedical engineering principles to control behavior at the gene, protein, cell, and tissue level. Scientists in this area can work in diverse areas including cellular therapies, protein production, gene therapy, tissue engineering and regeneration, and biomaterials development. This field can require study in biomedical transport, natural or synthetic biomaterials, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. It draws heavily from knowledge in the chemical and biological sciences.

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The visualization of anatomical structure, physiological processes, metabolic activity and molecular expression in living tissues is important to accomplish goals that include the diagnosis of disease, the development of new therapeutics, the evaluation of the response to therapeutics, and the guidance of interventional procedures. Our program has a particular strength in molecular imaging, in which molecular-scale events are detected within living systems. An imaging bioengineer can work in areas ranging from developing instruments for imaging, to creating algorithms for three-dimensional reconstruction of imaging data, to generating new contrast agents for enhancing image quality. Depending upon the area of interest, this field can require further study in electronics signal processing, chemistry or computer programming.

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Pat Lumina32 Pleaser Women's Dress Pump Blk B This is a diverse area that can include the development of instruments, apparatuses, machines, implants, or in-vitro reagents intended for use in the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of disease. Biomedical engineers have begun to combine technologies including pharmaceuticals, electronics and mechanical devices in the development of combination medical treatments.

Systems & Synthetic Biology Specialization 18-19

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In this area, concepts, principles and techniques from engineering are applied to understand and build biological processes and systems at a fundamental level. Engineers describe biochemical, genetic, and mechanical processes mathematically and integrate this information into models of natural and synthetic systems. These models are studied analytically, computationally and statistically to uncover design principles of natural systems and to guide development of methods capable of redirecting normal expression for biotechnological purposes or correcting pathological expression for therapeutic purposes.

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Engineering is playing an increasing role in the practice of medicine, and students interested in medicine can focus on the intersection of engineering and medicine. To meet admission requirements for medical school, students must complete extra course work. These courses are in addition to the listed Department of Biomedical Engineering curricular requirements.



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