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An intuitive and elegant bookmark manager that lets you organize, sort, and browse your bookmarks just like files on your desktop.

Bookmark OS is exactly what I was looking for: an ad-free, browser-based bookmarking service with excellent support to boot. It won me over with its clean design and solid functionality.


I've literally tried every bookmark manager out there and Bookmark OS is the best! I use it every day. Thank you!!


Amazing, this site has changed the way I use the web. Can't imagine surfing the net without it now.


5 Crocs Clogs Espresso Crocband II Kids Unisex Access your bookmarks everywhere

Bookmark OS is a responsive website. Use it on your laptop, phone, or tablet.

Folder suggestions

Crocs Kids Unisex Crocband 5 II Espresso Clogs Artificial intelligence learns the content of your folders and gives you folder suggestions when creating bookmarks for fast saving. Find that perfect folder in one click!

Visualize your bookmarks

Web page screenshots are used as icons, giving you a useful way to visualize your bookmarks. This makes browsing easier by allowing you to recognize bookmarks without even reading. "Oh yea, I remember that hilarious gif of a tiny pug in a unicorn costume!"

Sort your bookmarks

Can't find a bookmark you opened last week? Click 'View all' and sort by last opened. Or maybe you remember a bookmark's site but not the exact name? Sort by domain. Sorting gives you new and powerful ways to organize your bookmarks.

Combine the power of tags and folders

If a tag is active, only folders that have a tagged bookmark nested inside will show. This allows you to leverage the power of tags and folders together. For example, you could use a general 'to read' tag and organize them all in different folders.

Preview different bookmark types

Live image previews are used for photos and GIFs, making it easy to see. Icons are also used for certain file types. For example, if you bookmark a pdf, word doc, zip, or txt file, the appropriate icon will be used.

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Last 3 days
Last week
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Last 2 weeks
Last month
Last 3 months
Last 6 months
Last year
Last 2 years
Last 3 years

Time filters

Crocband 5 II Kids Espresso Clogs Unisex Crocs Time filters allow you to focus on bookmarks created after a specific time. For example, you could enable the, "last week" filter which will only show bookmarks created within the last week.

5 Crocband Crocs Clogs Unisex Kids II Espresso


A simple yet powerful text editor allows you to create notes and keep them organized. You can even highlight, copy, and paste content from a website into a note and it will clip it. This is useful if you want to preserve a recipe or just want to save part of a website, for example.

But wait, there's more!

  • Customize things like icon size, spacing, and font size
  • Easily create bookmarks with browser extensions and bookmarklet
  • Crocs Unisex Kids Crocband 5 Clogs Espresso II Import your bookmarks from any service
  • Sync a backup of your bookmarks with Dropbox
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  • Share a folder of bookmarks or collaborate on a folder with friends
  • Quickly navigate with keyboard shortcuts
  • Select a range of items by holding down shift
  • Select individual items together by holding down command or ctrl
  • Bookmark OS pings your bookmarks (including imports) to find their status
  • Fix duplicates with the duplicate resolver
  • There are tons of new features to come!
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